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Lifestyle Master / Trainer of younger male and female subs/slaves (18-30) who seek guidance, structured discipline, and eventual Ownership to an experienced safe, sane, and yes sadistic Dom of over 40 years. This blog, and its explicit contents of images, gifs, and videos offer a look into who I am, and what I enjoy. I welcome contact from all who hold an interest. This site is NSFW and 18+ only. (I do not claim rights to "all" pics or vids posted on this blog. If you own a pic or vid featured in this blog and wish it to be removed, please contact me and I'll gladly do so)

Captured by Hook!!!

Peter Pan is a bad boy and needs stern discipline! Robbie Kay!

@ PaxPaxart.. now THAT rendition of Peter Pan I would GLADLY enjoy seeing..

delicious nips! well trimmed boybush! handsome boycock! lovely loose balls!

Master- " the Inspection Stance. you will learn it and display it when ordered. Understood ? "

The new boy- " Yes Sir "

Master- " your body will be kept completely smooth from the eyes down at all times. Understood ? "

The new boy- " Yes Sir "

Master- ((gripping firmly around the boys balls and stiffening cock)) " and THESE..are Mine now..and will be getting locked up. Understood ? "

The new boy- " Yes Sir "

Master- ((Smiling into the boys eyes)) " Welcome to your new life boy "

The new boy- ((as his eyes remain locked on those of his new Owner..and a streamer of precum slowly drips from the tip of his cock))  " Thank you Sir "

Welcome to My home boy...I can see you're excited to be here too.

Now.. lets replace that cucumber with some Ginger Root.. ((evil Grin))

Mmmmmmmm.. Perfect predicament bondage position..((evil grin))